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Being a guest poster is a great way to share your tips, views, knowledge and ideas with like-minded people. It is also very good way way to promote your own blog, products or social media profiles. By becoming a guest poster and then letting your community know about it is a very good way to increase your exposure, social proof and personal standing.

We at Beingfitandhealthy.com we welcome your guest posting submissions and would love to publish content from our loyal readers and guest authors.

We do have a few rules but if you meet the below criteria, please feel free to register and publish to the RevitaliseYourHealth.com blog.

  • The article you publish must be UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE to the beingfitandhealthy.com blog. That means the article should not have been published anywhere else in the past, and should not be published anywhere else in the future.
  • The article you publish must be thoroughly researched, HIGH QUALITY and relevant to the blog. This blog deals with topics related to health and fitness. Please make your article relevant to this topic. We are also VERY STRICTabout the quality of blog post you submit. Only the best will be published so make sure you submit only your best work. Poor quality work will be rejected.
  • You may include one link back to your website, blog or social media profile within the blog post and you may include one more link back to your website, blog or social media profile within your author byline. Your author byline should be one or two sentences explaining who you are and what you do. Please place this at the end of your article. No affiliate links are allowed, as we want our readers to have the best possible experience.
  • The blog or website you link to most be related to the topic of your guest post. We will not publish any articles with links to insurance offers, car dealerships, porn sites, gambling or any other unrelated topic.
  • It is good guest posting practice to promote your submission once it goes live via social media channels. We also encourage you to interact with any comments that are left on your guest submission.
  • Beingfitandhealthyrocks.com reserves the right to reject any article. In some case we may make small alterations to the content and formatting of the article but will never make wholesale changes. If your article is rejected because it does not meet our high standards you may re-use your content for other purposes.

To become a guest poster send your article idea to info@beingfitandhealthyrocks.com

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