Vitamin K

Artichokes - Vitamin K

UK – 65ug (Female), 75ug (Males)

USA – 90ug (Female), 120ug (Males)

Needed For: Assists in blood clotting, so good for the healing of wounds.

Found In: Produced naturally in the body by the Intestines. Due to this and the small quantiities required a deficiency is rare. It is also found in green leafy vegetables and some cereals.

This vitamin is fat solouble meaning it is not lost very easily be the body. Any excess is stored in the Liver for future use.

The only time a supplement may be needed is by newborn babies. This is because they may not have enough of the bacteria present in their intestines to produce sufficient quanties of the vitamin. If this is the case a vitamin K injection may be give. Your health professional should be able to advise on this.

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Vitamin D – Cholecalciferol

Vitamin D - Fish

UK – 10ug (Female), 10ug (Males)

USA – 15ug (Female), 15ug (Males)

Needed For: Helps with absorption of Calcium and phosphorous in the body.

A defieciency can lead to weak bones and teeth. It can lead to rickets in young children. A supplement may need to be given to pregnant woman, young children and babies and those over the age of 65. Seek medical advice if you are in one of these groups.

Found In: It is the only vitamin that we do not need to injest from food. The action of sunlight on skin will form the vitamin that we need. You only need a few minutes of sunlight a day to get the benefit, so there is no need to lie for hours in the sun which could cause problems.

Vitamin D is also found in oily fish, milk, offal and eggs.

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Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid

Chillies - Vitamin C

UK – 40mg (Female), 40mg (Males)

USA – 75mg (Female), 90mg (Males)

Needed For: A healthy immune system, helps in the absorption of other vitamins and minerals such as Iron. Necessary for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Helps in the repair of wounds and fractures.

A lack of Vitamin C is associated with high blood pressure. A deficiency will also lead to bleeding gums, nosebleeds and a lower resistance to infection. 

Found In: Many fruits and vegetables. Chilli peppers are a great source, the hotter the Chilli the higher the quantity of Vitamin C.

It is worth noting that because this vitamin is water soluble over cooking and processing can see it quickly diminish in food. For example fresh peas contain 24mg/100g. Canned peas only contain 1mg/100g. This is why it is always advisable to steam vegetables if you can.

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