olive oil - ironUK – 14.8mg (Female), 8.7mg (Males)

USA – 18mg (Female), 8mg (Males)

Needed For: Iron is an essential component of blood, or more precisely heamoglobin the substance that carries Oxygen in the blood.

A lack of Iron can lead to aneamia which has symptoms such as tiredness, pale skin and a lack of energy.

Too much iron can lead to constipation, stomach pains and nausea. An excess is classed as over 20mg a day.

Found In: Liver, green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds.

Spinach, which due to the Popeye cartoon is thought to be high in iron, is actually fairly low. In fact a checmical in the leaves called Oxalic acid can actually hinder the absorption of both Iron and Calcium.

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MagnesiumUK – 270mg (Female), 300mg (Males)

USA – 320mg (Female), 420mg (Males)

Needed For: Helps trun the food we eat into energy. It works with Calcium to maintain strong bones and teeth.

A deficiency can lead to tiredness, muscle cranps, appetite loss and abnormal muscle rythmns.

Found In: Whole-Grains, nuts, seeds, brown rice and leafy green vegetables.

The absorption of Magnesium can be hindered by a consumption of two much alcohol.

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Orange Juice - CalciumUK – 700mg (Female), 700mg (Males)

USA – 1000mg (Female), 1000mg (Males)

Needed For: Calcium is an essential component of bones and helps to maintain strong healthy bones and teeth.

Calcium also helps in the regulation of blood pressure and it is thought it may help in lowering it. This mineral regulates muscle contractions, including those of the heart. Other areas it helps in include blood clotting and nerve functions.

A defieciency can lead to rickets in young children and oestoporosis in adults, especially women later in life. These areas are where a supplement may be needed, but consult your medical professional first.

Found In: Cheese, Milk, most green leafy vegetables (not spinach), nuts, sardines and pilchards and other fish where you eat the bones.

It has been discovered that only about 40% of the Calcium we eat is actually absorbed by the body. Some foods such as tea and coffee, but also those high in insoluble fiber  such as bran can hinder the absorption of Calcium.

High protein diets can lead to the Calcium being excreted by the body, so if you are following one of these diets you may need a supplement. 

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Vitamin K

Artichokes - Vitamin K

UK – 65ug (Female), 75ug (Males)

USA – 90ug (Female), 120ug (Males)

Needed For: Assists in blood clotting, so good for the healing of wounds.

Found In: Produced naturally in the body by the Intestines. Due to this and the small quantiities required a deficiency is rare. It is also found in green leafy vegetables and some cereals.

This vitamin is fat solouble meaning it is not lost very easily be the body. Any excess is stored in the Liver for future use.

The only time a supplement may be needed is by newborn babies. This is because they may not have enough of the bacteria present in their intestines to produce sufficient quanties of the vitamin. If this is the case a vitamin K injection may be give. Your health professional should be able to advise on this.

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Vitamin B9 or Folic Acid or Folate

Vegetables - Vitamin B9UK – 200ug (Female), 200ug (Males)

USA – 400ug (Female), 400ug (Males)

Needed For: Formation of blood cells, cell growth and division. It is especially important for pregnant woman, who may be advised to take a supplement. This is because it aids the proper development of the foetus. It can also help prevent problems such as spina bifida in babies.

Found In: Wholegrains, Yeast Extract, offal, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

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Essential Vitamins and Minerals – Vitamin A

Vitamin A - Carrot


UK – 600ug (Female), 700ug (Males)

USA – 700ug (Female), 900ug (Males)

Needed For: Hair growth, Good vision, cell growth and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Found In: Liver, Milk, Butter, Cheese and oily fish such as Salmon and Tuna, leafy green vegetables, carrots, squash, cantaloupes and sweet potatoes.

Notes: Vitamin A is very important to the body. Much of our daily intake comes from orange coloured vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes. These types of food contain beta-carotene which the body can easily convert into vitamin A.

Potential Problems: An excess of vitamin A can be toxic to the body. It can cause headaches, liver damage, double vision. An excess is classed as over 2000ug per day.

Vitamin A is fat soluble, so can easily be stored by the body mostly in the Liver. Beta Carotene on the other hand is not toxic. This means that it is better to have your Vitamin from fresh fruit and vegetables rather than from animal products.

A deficiency of Vitmain A is very rare in well-balanced diet and taking supplements may cause you problems, especially if pregnant. Always consult your health or medical professional if you are concerned.

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