olive oil - ironUK – 14.8mg (Female), 8.7mg (Males)

USA – 18mg (Female), 8mg (Males)

Needed For: Iron is an essential component of blood, or more precisely heamoglobin the substance that carries Oxygen in the blood.

A lack of Iron can lead to aneamia which has symptoms such as tiredness, pale skin and a lack of energy.

Too much iron can lead to constipation, stomach pains and nausea. An excess is classed as over 20mg a day.

Found In: Liver, green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds.

Spinach, which due to the Popeye cartoon is thought to be high in iron, is actually fairly low. In fact a checmical in the leaves called Oxalic acid can actually hinder the absorption of both Iron and Calcium.

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