Sodium Chloride – Salt


UK – 2400mg (Female), 2400mg (Males)

USA – 1500mg (Female), 1500mg (Males)

Needed For: Used for helping to control the balance of fluids in the body.

The problem most of us face is not that we get to little Sodium, but that we have too much. An excess can lead to high blood pressue, heart disease and heart attacks.

Found In: Salt, processed foods, savoury snacks. It also occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables.

To avoid an excess try not to add salt to your food at the dinner table and limit the amounts you use in cooking.

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MagnesiumUK – 270mg (Female), 300mg (Males)

USA – 320mg (Female), 420mg (Males)

Needed For: Helps trun the food we eat into energy. It works with Calcium to maintain strong bones and teeth.

A deficiency can lead to tiredness, muscle cranps, appetite loss and abnormal muscle rythmns.

Found In: Whole-Grains, nuts, seeds, brown rice and leafy green vegetables.

The absorption of Magnesium can be hindered by a consumption of two much alcohol.

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Potassium - Garlic

UK – 3500mg (Female), 3500mg (Males)

USA – 4700mg (Female), 4700mg (Males)

Needed For: Regulates blood pressure and heart beats. High blood pressure can be helped by a diet low in Sodium an dhigh in Potassium.

A deficency can lead to heart problems and heart attacks.

Found In: Fruit, especially bananas. Dried fruit, pulses, nuts, onions and garlic.

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