Dry Skin – How To Treat Dry Skin

How To Treat Dry SkinThe problem of dry skin can happen not only in winter, but also in the summer. In winter the cold air is very drying and people will often suffer from chapped lips. In the summer air-conditioning in our arms, cars and offices does nothing to help keep our skin healthy.

Symptoms of dry skin include redness and a tight feeling when you attempt to bend your fingers or even in the slightest movement of your hand. In the case of extreme dry skin, cracking and bleeding may occur. This is the most unpleasant part of dry skin as it can be very embarrassing and, as expected, very painful. While it often seems that there is no way to end this discomfort, there are several tips to help individuals who suffer from dry skin.


Dry Skin Tip # 1

Try to use a soap that has moisturising lotion. This will be gentler on your skin and will add moisture back where it has been otherwise removed. If possible, avoid harsh soaps that dry out the skin or strip it of itís natural moisture. Find one with a neutral PH balance to help sensitive skin.

Dry Skin Tip # 2

While it is important to maintain proper hygiene, overly washing your hands or showering multiple times each day may promote dry skin. After washing, it is equally important to dry your skin thoroughly to prevent it from chapping.

Dry Skin Tip # 3

Use a quality exfoliation product, such as a pumice stone to remove dry and/or dead skin cells. By removing the old cells, you will expose the healthy cells and may be better able to fight against natures harmful effects.

Dry Skin Tip # 4

Add a humidifier to your home, to increase the moisture in the atmosphere, lost by the drying effects of heating or air-conditioning.

Dry Skin Tip # 5

If problem worsens or persists, consult a dermatologist. In some instances, over-the-counter products may not be able to treat severe cases of dry skin. A dermatologist has the ability to recommend stronger treatment products, which may be needed in some instances.

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