New Balance Mens MT1010 Minimus Trail Running Shoe Review

New Balance Mens MT1010If you are in the market for a new pair of running shoes, or just out to buy your first ones it can be very confusing. There is a huge range of styles and makes. If you are looking at more than just road running and fancy getting more into the great outdoors then you should be looking at a trail running shoe. One of the most popular ones in thus category is the New Balance Mens MT1010 minimus trail running shoe. Looking to take my running to the next level and trying the woods near me with some rocky hilly trails I decided to take a closer look at this shoe. This is what I found out.

The MT1010 trainer is from the sportswear maker New Balance. New balance athletic shoes are made in the US. Their mission is to "Listen, learn and refine". They do not spend money on celebrity endorsements, but rather put that into the design and manufacture of their shoes and clothing.

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ROCK STOP® Protection

This innovative technology is embedded into the forefoot of the shoe. It helps protect against sharp stones and other debris from cutting into the shoe and potentially harming your foot, or running your trainer. It also helps to disperse shock energy when you land.

Vibram® Outsole

This gives the shoe its multi-directional traction abilities. Helping you to stay upright on even the most difficult terrain. This keeps your free to concentrate on your running technique. The material is also non-marking, allowing you to use them on all sorts of floors.

Other features:

new balance trail shoeWeighs 7.7oz (very lightweight)

Breathable mesh upper materials, allowing your feet to stay dry,

REVlite® midsole provides durability and helps the shoe stay lightweight,

Designed for the neutral runner, or those with gait issues or injury as the shoe helps you to find proper form while running,

Can be worn barefoot, or with socks if you prefer

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Customer Reviews and Scores for the New Balance Mens MT1010

This running shoe has an average of 3.8 out of 5 from 48 customer reviews at the time of writing on The reviewer's talk about how comfortable to shoe is with one saying "The feel and comfort of this shoe is excellent" and another saying "They are so comfortable and protective at the same time". This brings me on to the grippiness, which is mentioned by several of the reviewers. One says "excellent grip, good rock plate" and another "I cannot feel any rocks. I fly over all kinds of terrain."

A couple of people comment that they do have a tendency to tear, however others say that "I've done a 50k mountain race in these and a Tough Mudder and did just fine", so it may just be the terrain people are running on.

Another point people make is that the shoe tends to come up half a size larger than normal, so just remember this when buying them.


To conclude it seems that for a lightweight, minimalist shoe the New Balance Mens MT1010 is a very responsive, grippy and comfortable shoe. Designed to go over any terrain you throw at it. Good for improving your run, as one reviewer puts it "The arch support in the sole is fantastic and the flexibility gives you a rough feel of the terrain you are running on".

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PUMA Mens Voltaic 4 M Running Shoe Review

Puma Mens Voltaic 4 MWhen looking at running shoes there are many different styles and types to buy. One of the most popular ones is that Puma Voltaic 4, so I decided to have a look at it more in-depth. This is what I found out:

The Puma Mens Voltaic 4 M Running shoe is a trainer from the global athletic brand Puma. Their philosophy "Joy is being the best while having fun doing it" goes into everything they do. This may account for the bright colors of the shoes!

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Impact Resistance

This athletic shoe is made with a 10 cell 1.0 technology, which aims to create tension during impact, which in turn allows the foot to rebound easily. This is coupled with their ArchTec technology to help guide the foot through touch down to toe off.

Lightweight Construction

This trainer has an air mesh combination on the uppers and the whole make-up of the shoe allows it to be lightweight.

Many features to help you foot stay dry and cool. This includes a removal sock liner, so it can be washed. This helps keep the shoe odor free.

Other features:

puma running shoe reviewWeighs 14oz (based on a size 11.5), so fairly lightweight.

Heel and tongue tabs, to help you remove the shoe,

The sole is made of Puma's patented EverTrack composite rubber. This provides for high durability and therefore a long-lasting shoe,

The collar is padded, along with the tongue which makes for a snug and comfortable fit.

It has reflective detailing on the shoe, so you can be safe after dark.

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Customer Reviews and Scores for the Puma Mens Voltaic 4 M

On a number of people have reviewed this shoe. The Puma Voltaic 4 has an average score of 4.3 out of a possible 5.

The reviews talk about how comfortable the shoe is, with one person putting it as "The shoes are very, very comfortable. It fits like a glove" and another saying that "Put them on and started running, no break-in period needed".

Another reviewer says that "My husband has plantar fasciitis and he said that they didn't hurt his heel as where most shoes do", so if you have this complaint these shoes may be good for you.

Although most reviewers say that they are a good fit, one or two reviewers point out that "If you have wider feet than average, they might be a bit snug the first couple times wearing them". This suggests the shoe may stretch, but it could be worth buying a half sixe larger than you need if you are a wide foot.


In summary the Puma Mens Voltaic 4 M running shoe is a comfortable, supportive shoe. It may not suit serious long distance runners, as does not have some of the features of the more expensive shoes, such as the stability and traction control. However if you were just starting out and running to get fit then it would be a good shoe to begin with. They would also be great for the Gym.

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Mizuno Mens Wave Prophecy 2 Running Shoe Review

Mizuno Mens Wave Prophecy 2 Running ShoeWhen deciding which running shoe to buy there are many choices. I was in the market for a new pair a month or so ago. I looked at many makes and styles. One of the ones I really liked was the Mizuno Mens Wave Prophecy 2 Running Shoe. To save you researching it as well, here is what I found out:

The Wave Prophecy 2 is a trainer from Mizuno. Their mission is to "deliver sporting products that help enhance your performance and make those special challenging moments count."

This shoe is designed for the Neutral to under pronator. To find out more about how to find out our foot type and why it is important take a look here.

The MIZUNO Wave Prophecy 2 Running Shoe has some great features in a running shoe; two of the most important are comfort and shock absorption. Let's have a look at these in more detail:

Superb Cushioning

Mizuno have added in their patented Dynamotion Fit™ technology. This helps the running shoe move with your foot. This creates a very comfortable fit and it designed to stop bunching, pulling and helps in eliminating stress points. Mizuno on their website state that "the shoe almost feels like a second skin".

Good Shock Absorbency

This running trainer incorporates the MIZUNO WAVE TECHNOLOGY©. What this does is when your foot touches the ground; the wave technology disperses the impact along the length of the shoe and away from the foot.

Other features of the Mizuno Mens Wave Prophecy 2

Mizuno wave 2Weighs 14oz (based on a size 11.5), so fairly lightweight.

AP+ midsole – this aims to improve the cushioning and "bounce" of the shoe.

X10™ carbon rubber sole. This makes the shoe very durable and aids traction.

Intercool – This is a full-length ventilation system that helps to keep your feet cool and dry.

A soft, plush tongue and lining to add to the comfort features already mentioned.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

On several people have reviewed this shoe. They have awarded the Wave Prophecy 2 running shoe an average score of 4.7 out of a possible 5.

One reviewer explains that "If you are a serious runner that wants a supportive, long lasting shoe that has the technology to literally reduce impact on joints that has never been seen before in a shoe like this before than take the hit on the wallet. It could save you big bucks at the doctor later if your running as much as I do and refuse to slow down!"

Another reviewer says that "I'm flat footed and this shoe is excellent for support and comfort. I feel the desire to run further then usual with this shoe".

Quite a few people comment on the price, they are a fairly expensive shoe to buy. However the majority of reviewers feel that they are worth the price. One person puts it like this "I know it is a little pricey, but I can assure you it is worth the investment because you will not regret it!".

One reviewer mentions that "These running shoes give no protection to your back." and "zero capacity to absorb shock", but no one else states this. I think this could be more down to their running form rather than the shoe.


In summary the Mizuno Mens Wave Prophecy 2 running shoe is a trainer for serious runners. It has many of the features appreciated by people who run marathons and other long runs. It will keep your feet comfortable and cushioned and help to reduce injuries. It is more expensive than the average shoe, but I am of the opinion that you get what you pay for. As one reviewer puts it "They are expensive, but for me they are worth every penny!".

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