Green Tea: Top 10 Reasons we should all drink more

Green Tea Heath BenefitsIntroduction to Green Tea

Green Tea comes from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant, which grows in Asia. Green Tea unlike the more traditional black tea is not fermented. The fermentation process consists of heating, rubbing and drying the leaves. This process removes many of the essential elements that make Green Tea so beneficial to us.

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Here are 10 reasons why we should all drink more Green Tea

1) There is a compound that is retained in green tea called Epigallocatchin Gallate or ECCG for short. Thus compound is an anti-oxidant, an essential component of a healthy diet. Anti-Oxidants help reduce the effect of "Free Radicals". These are produced naturally by the body and have been discovered to be harmful to it. They are linked to many cancers and other diseases. Green Tea can help the body to fight these free radicals.

2) ECCG help to increase the effects of Caffeine that is in the caffeine. By doing this it help to speed up the metabolism, which in turn helps the body burn more fat.

3) As another consequence of boosting the metabolism, green tea can also help give you more energy. It is great as a mid-afternoon pick me up.

4) Studies have found that it can reduce the effects of LDL Cholesterol (which is the bad one). For the study see here –

5) Another study found that Green Tea can help regulate the glucose level, helping to prevent insulin spikes and low blood sugar. Thus it could be beneficial to people who have diabetes. For the study see here –

6) research has shown that Green Tea can have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It could be helpful to drink green tea when you have food poisoning as it can prevent the growth of some of the harmful bacteria such as E.Coli. It could also help in Oral hygiene and help kill bacteria that causes cavities and bad breath.

Health Benefits of Green Tea7) If you suffer from colds and flu, gargling with Green Tea may help. A study from Japan and Harvard University found that can stimulate the immune system helping fight these diseases.

8) A project carried out by Newcastle University in the UK found evidence that Green Tea may help slow down or cut the risk of Alzheimer's and Dementia. To read more have a look here –

9) Green Tea can make you more cheerful, so could help treat depression. Tea leaves contain Theanine which is naturally occurring can have tranquillising and relaxing effects. To find out more take a look at this article – 

10) This drink can also help to fight the effects of ageing. It's anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties can help reduce the effects of wrinkles and sun damageto the skin. Due to this it can also help in the treatment of Arthritis.

As you can see Green Tea is a drink worth investigating. Research is inconclusive as to how many cups a day we should be drinking to gain this benefits. Most agree on around 2-3. However do remember that it still contains caffeine, so if you have any heart problems or other issues causes by too much caffeine it is worth talking with your health / medical professional before trying it. This is true to for any new regime you may embark on.

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