Fit and Healthy – Best of the Health News from around the world – Apr13th -20th

fit and healthy news

Fit and Healthy – Best of the Health News from around the world

– Apr13th -20th



1) 15 of the most gorgeous women from atletes to models to actresses here to bring you motivation (or make you want to throw up!!)

2) This is a short 90 second video showing an exercise to tone your arm muscles and look like Michelle Obama –

3) Tom Tom, the Sat Nav superstar has paired up with Nike to enter into the fitness market with this new watch. Monitors your distance, pace, GPS position. Check it out here –

4) This is an interesting way to stay motivated, while keeping fit by giving money to charity. To learn more have a read of this –

5) No time or money for a gym membership then you want to read this –, it provides 4 different exercises you can do at home.

6) Anyone have a smartphone? Well if you do have a look at this study by Leeds Unoversity in the UK, that suggest smartphone aps can help with your weight loss –

7) This article shows why High Intensity Exercise may not be the best thing for your health, to learn more have a look here –

8) If you enjoy a tipple or nice glass of wine of an evening, then the fact you exercise may counter the effects drinking can have on your brain. For more information have a look here –

9) Anna Friel's diet of 12 cups of syrupy water is criticised for setting a bad example – – I am not surpried !! Not a good route to long-tem health…

10) Vivus Diet Pill gets the go ahead from the FDA –

11) Mediterranean diets are often misunderstood –

If you find anything interesting or want to voice an opinion about any of the articles here leave a comment below and let the community share your thoughts.
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