Fit and Healthy – Best of the Health News from around the world – Apr 1st-7th

Health and Fitness newsHere is the best of the health and fitness news from around the World for the week of April 1st to April 7th.

1) A new study says that walking is as good as running for your heart. Take a look here – walking is good for your heart

2) Research shows that having a financial reward at the end of a diet plan can lead to greater success. To find out more check this out – Money incentive can help you lose weight

3) In case you didn't know stretching before exercise can actually increase your risk of Injury – Stretching before exercise can be harmful

4) This great article shows that you shouldn't focus on weight loss to be happy. Here are 30 other ways to achieve that feeling of well-being you crave – boost your happiness and well-being/

5) It is true apparently, at least according to this article, sitting down for a family meal can actually improve you and your loved ones health – family meals can be healthier

6) If you are trying to lose weight, but struggling it could be due to your portion size. Check this article out for some guidance – when dieting check your portion sizes

7) This has got to be the crazy story of the week – If you want a fitness buddy get a Dog ! –

8) Before you start one of those crash diets, or are thinking about doing something drastic to lose weight, you had better read this – weight loss and heart damage

9) Good news for those who like a drink of wine or beer every now and then as this great article shows – Moderate drinking good for health

10) If you are thinking of adding some running into your regime, you may want to monitor you progress. Have a look at this informative article before you spend your hard earned cash – how to choose the right fitness device for runners

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