Being Fit and Healthy News Round up – Monday 2nd June – Sunday 9th June

fit and healthy news

Exercise News Stories

1) A review of the best headphones to use while exercising  –

2) Yoga is better than exercise a study from the University of Illinois found –

3) Use your smart phone to keep track of your fitness. A study of some new apps that do just that –

Diet and Health News Stories

1) Study finds that Diet Soda is as bad for your teeth as Meth and Cocaine –

2) A new analysis of fossilized teeth finds that our ancestors diet changed 3.5 million years ago. Fascinating, read more here –


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Being Fit and Healthy News Round up – Monday 20th May – Sunday 26th May

fit and healthy news

Exercise News Stories

1) New study finds exercise a benefit for major depression  –

2) HIIT training produces a bigger payoff in less time – Check out the article published on this site about that exact thing –

3) Report published finds that playing video games help childrens health and fitness –

4) Exercise tips for seniors –

Diet and Health News Stories

1) An army wife stuns her husband on his return from Afghanistan with 96 pound weight loss – Read more here –

2) Trial begins for French Drug Maker of a weight loss pill suspected in causing hundreds of deaths –

3) Would you rather lose $1000 or gain 20 pounds? –

4) The dangers of new mums and their quest to get back their shape after giving birth –

5) Which diet came out on top?, as revealed by top nutrition experts – find out here –

6) Cancer and diet, Why is nutrition often overlooked –

7) McDonalds pairs up with pasta maker to develop a Mediterranean style menu –

8) Iodine deficinecy in children may lower their IQ –

9) Looking at bright computer screens in poor light may harm our health –

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Being Fit and Healthy News Round up – Monday 13th May – Sunday 19th May

fit and healthy news

Exercise News Stories

1) The personal trainers problem with weight loss.  –

2) New Fitness apps, take a sneaky peak of what is coming up  – There is also a video of Apple talking about what the have planned – 


3) A new fitness class for muns and babies takes root in New Zealand, Chaeck it out here –

4) Apple are in on the act of Fitness apps, so up next is Google. Have a look here what they have coming up here –


6) Here are some cool tips on how to boost your fitness regimen –

​7) How execise affects you body and how to pick the right workout –


Diet and Health News Stories

1) A new smartphone app helps people lose weight by showing them pictures of what they have eaten. This apparently stops people snacking – Fact or fallacy – Read more here –

2) A new study on how fitness in middle age could reduce heart failure. Want to learn more then find out here –

3) Another study this time how keeping fit can help protect you from Cancer, even 20 years later –

4) Report on how having a good diet can help those with Caeliac Disease, read more here –

5) How Walnuts and Walnut oil can help benefit your health, beyond just lowering Cholesterol –

6) Angelina Jolie revealed this week that she had a double masectomy, learn why here –

7) New advance in human cloning, read more about it here –

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Being Fit and Healthy News Round up – Monday 6th May – Sunday 12th May

fit and healthy news

Exercise News Stories

1) Five hot exercise trends for the coming summer –

2) Get this apparently most adults ignore fitness recommendations (no bull Sherlock, just look around !!) –

3) New fitness tracker from FitBit –

4) New form of Yoga has benefits of cardio workout, but misses out on the relaxation benefits of normal yoga. Is is really still Yoga then? Decide for yourself here –

5) Coca-Cola pledges a huge amount of cash to help childhood obesity in Georgia, USA – Is this a good or bad thing? Do Coke have an ulterior motive? – Read the facts here before making your mind up –—-Coca-Cola-pledges-funds-for-Georgia-health-programs?instance=lead_story_left_column

6) Exercises in 7 minutes, some you can even do at your desk –


Diet and Health News Stories

1) Was Chris Christie's, Governor of New Jersey weight loss surgery a good thing? – Find out here –

2) An analysis of Medifast packaged weight loss programme –

3) Quite funny look at 25 ways you may be adicted to Diet Coke –

4) Is the diet pill market becoming mainstream –

5) 5 mistakes Vegitarians make in their diet and how to avoid them –

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Being Fit and Healthy News Round up – Monday 29th April – Sunday 5th May

fit and healthy news

Exercise News Stories

1) The problem of breast pain for women who do exercise, very interesting article and some advice on how to avoid this –

2) Why you should exercise after work –

3) After eating a shop bought sandwich, how much exercise do you need to do? This article may make you want to make your own! –

4) The importance of exercising your mind as well as your body is highlighted in this article –


Diet and Health News Stories

1) The Mediterranean diet may help preserve memory and aid thinking –

2) If you are thinking of going on a detox, you should read this article first, which calls them a scam –

3) Is there really a miracle diet that ca prevent Cancer? To find out read this –

4) Are you trying to cut down on your salt intake then check this out –

5) Apparently success in weight loss is due to good mental health. Want to know more? then click here –

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Health News Round Up – Monday 22nd April – Sunday 28th April

Being fit and healthy rocks newsHealth News Round Up – Monday 22nd April – Sunday 28th April 

1) Americas Top 10 Weight Loss Resorts. Some gorgeous looking places highlighted here. Quite pricey, but go your worth it !!

2) A guy and his wife who are having weight-loss success with eating 6 small meals a day. To see what they are doing have a look here.

3) This is a heart-warming story all about how a mom has used dieting and exercise to help her beat cancer, very inspring for the rest of us –

4) The Paleo Diet has taken the world by storm, but this article start to shed some doubt on how it may not be the best diet to follow for sustained fit and healthy lifestyle –

5) This article from the marvelouse WebMD site states to explain the obvious. How diet and exercise together can lead to bettler, longer term weigh-loss results –


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Fit and Healthy – Best of the Health News from around the world – Apr13th -20th

fit and healthy news

Fit and Healthy – Best of the Health News from around the world

– Apr13th -20th



1) 15 of the most gorgeous women from atletes to models to actresses here to bring you motivation (or make you want to throw up!!)

2) This is a short 90 second video showing an exercise to tone your arm muscles and look like Michelle Obama –

3) Tom Tom, the Sat Nav superstar has paired up with Nike to enter into the fitness market with this new watch. Monitors your distance, pace, GPS position. Check it out here –

4) This is an interesting way to stay motivated, while keeping fit by giving money to charity. To learn more have a read of this –

5) No time or money for a gym membership then you want to read this –, it provides 4 different exercises you can do at home.

6) Anyone have a smartphone? Well if you do have a look at this study by Leeds Unoversity in the UK, that suggest smartphone aps can help with your weight loss –

7) This article shows why High Intensity Exercise may not be the best thing for your health, to learn more have a look here –

8) If you enjoy a tipple or nice glass of wine of an evening, then the fact you exercise may counter the effects drinking can have on your brain. For more information have a look here –

9) Anna Friel's diet of 12 cups of syrupy water is criticised for setting a bad example – – I am not surpried !! Not a good route to long-tem health…

10) Vivus Diet Pill gets the go ahead from the FDA –

11) Mediterranean diets are often misunderstood –

If you find anything interesting or want to voice an opinion about any of the articles here leave a comment below and let the community share your thoughts.
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Fit and Healthy – Best of the Health News from around the world – Apr 1st-7th

Health and Fitness newsHere is the best of the health and fitness news from around the World for the week of April 1st to April 7th.

1) A new study says that walking is as good as running for your heart. Take a look here – walking is good for your heart

2) Research shows that having a financial reward at the end of a diet plan can lead to greater success. To find out more check this out – Money incentive can help you lose weight

3) In case you didn't know stretching before exercise can actually increase your risk of Injury – Stretching before exercise can be harmful

4) This great article shows that you shouldn't focus on weight loss to be happy. Here are 30 other ways to achieve that feeling of well-being you crave – boost your happiness and well-being/

5) It is true apparently, at least according to this article, sitting down for a family meal can actually improve you and your loved ones health – family meals can be healthier

6) If you are trying to lose weight, but struggling it could be due to your portion size. Check this article out for some guidance – when dieting check your portion sizes

7) This has got to be the crazy story of the week – If you want a fitness buddy get a Dog ! –

8) Before you start one of those crash diets, or are thinking about doing something drastic to lose weight, you had better read this – weight loss and heart damage

9) Good news for those who like a drink of wine or beer every now and then as this great article shows – Moderate drinking good for health

10) If you are thinking of adding some running into your regime, you may want to monitor you progress. Have a look at this informative article before you spend your hard earned cash – how to choose the right fitness device for runners

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