Being Fit and Healthy News Round up – Monday 29th April – Sunday 5th May

fit and healthy news

Exercise News Stories

1) The problem of breast pain for women who do exercise, very interesting article and some advice on how to avoid this –

2) Why you should exercise after work –

3) After eating a shop bought sandwich, how much exercise do you need to do? This article may make you want to make your own! –

4) The importance of exercising your mind as well as your body is highlighted in this article –


Diet and Health News Stories

1) The Mediterranean diet may help preserve memory and aid thinking –

2) If you are thinking of going on a detox, you should read this article first, which calls them a scam –

3) Is there really a miracle diet that ca prevent Cancer? To find out read this –

4) Are you trying to cut down on your salt intake then check this out –

5) Apparently success in weight loss is due to good mental health. Want to know more? then click here –

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